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Ever wonder what it's like to share a song?

Okay okay,

I realize its been a minute since I blogged about some actual music. Although I do have a song coming out tomorrow, I don't feel like hyping it (yet); I feel like putting myself out there in a different way.. or at least sharing with you what it's like to share songs you've made.

Maannnn, it's not easy. You pour your heart into something, just to put it into the world for it to be straight up JUDGED. That shit is not easy. Its pretty fuckin scary to be honest.

It's kinda like talking to a beautiful girl for the first time (that you may actually like). It's super nerve-racking. A littleeee exciting. But you just don't really know what to expect. It's a lot like the first time I kicked it with Ashia actually.

It was after work, and I went with her to her car. (Now pretend Ashia is the world of music listeners waiting to judge my song.) I had a slight panic when I sat down. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't believe I was sitting next to this beautiful girl! Same thing with sharing a song pretty much! There's a slight panic (like how are people gonna react, what's gonna happen, what am I doing, why did I share this, nobody cares, its okay, *heart beating rapidly* its all good), then all of a sudden, I have a moment where I'm so so happy. I'm happy cause I took a risk, and although that happy feeling is fleeting, its nice while it lasts. With Ashia, although that exciting moment went away quickly, it was filled by something even better. Something incredibly peaceful and comfortable. Its hard to explain, but all of a sudden I felt at ease. Like I wasn't so jumpy or anxious or scared.

Same thing with my music. There's panic, then stoked/ fuck yeah I did it... then I feel at ease. Maybe because I'm accomplishing part of my deeper cosmic purpose, (lol) orrrr it could just be because I was freaking out for no reason.

Do you ever do that? Just freak out for no reason; then come to realize that whatever was freaking you out didn't even end up happening? It's kinda like your imagination gets the best of you. Yep, me too.

I guess the worst thing that can happen when I release a song... it someone says... "THIS IS TRASH." And the best thing I can do now... is just expect that to happen! hahaha I know that sounds crazy, but if I expect it... and by some miracle that doesn't happen... then it's a pleasant surprise! But if it does happen... then at least I was prepared for it and I can say.. thereeee it is. haha.

So yeah, now I'll promote. Tomorrow, Ghost Town feat Ashia... hope ur ready for Ashia to steal the show. ;)

Peace & <3

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