With Facebook getting all crazy in regards to politics, I'll take my train of thought here, and see if I can avoid some emotional damage (Words hurt). Anyways, I'm gonna respond to this picture below, take your time.

Lets get started. Anyone can get all these great perks, if they join the military. Men & women who enlist get all that because there’s a chance their fuckin leg can get blown off. And if you or anyone wants all that, then find a fucking recruiter. And actually, I don't believe those are bad or anti American. Those are great. Awesome actually. But is anything really free? Someone’s paying for that “free” healthcare, housing, education, etc one way or another. That someone is we, us, the working people are paying for it. Nothing is free. Notice how I don’t say anything belittling, condescending, or disparaging about the person who made this post. I’m just sharing another perspective.

Side note. I'd rather share reasoning that is so simple a two or three year old can understand it. I don't see the point in describing ideas with a high degree of complexity. What's the point? To sound eloquent and intellectual, okay sure. But personally, I believe its more effective to simplify rather than complicate. Simplifying, is the name of my game.

And I'm sorry, if I sound insensitive, or unsympathetic, to the millions of innocent people who are struggling as far as homes, healthcare, education, jobs. I do want to help them. I want to help them by encouraging them to not rely on anyone. To be independent. I just feel like there would be a greater sense of pride in ones accomplishments if it was done through their hard work and patience.

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