Retirement: Fact or Fiction

Sure, it's a nice day dream... never having to work again. But lets be real.. is that an actual thing? I mean everything must get up and do their job. From the winds, to the birds, to the trees, to the ants, they must all serve their purpose.. to keep the world moving forward; so why would us, as humans be exempt? And speaking of purpose; there's no way in hell my purpose is to lay in bed all day!! I gotta get up and work. Its my duty to the universe. And even when I do "retire" I'm sure there will still be some sort of work to be done. Hopefully its a little less stressful, but just cause my career chapter is closed.. my human duties are still gonna be necessary. Be it tidying up the dwelling or chatting it up with another fellow human.. the job aint all the way done.

The point is, how can I complain about having to go to work, when that is what I'm here to do. And all work is noble. No matter the title. From the CEO super duper boss, to the driver of all lovely goods & items, to the custodians/ cleaning experts, to the doctors/life savers. Each person must do their part to keep the world moving forward. Now maybe I'm starting to sound preachy... or like Captain Obvious.. IDGAF! I just want U to know.. WHATEVER YOU DO.. it's important to the community, city, state, country, world, & universe. . Even if you're a stay at home mom or dad, you're a part of everything. And even if you're a trouble-making Tween... your stupidly pointless and unproductive activities are (i hate to say it) also a part of everything.

As for the song I'm working on. I'm gonna practice it throughout the the day.. in my car aka my mobile studio.. (one day i'm gonna ask pimp my ride to make that happen).. then record tonight.. in the living room studio. At least that's the plan.

<3 cha

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