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We are the 99% - Believe you are powerful, because you are

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I saw this post and got inspired to write. To express myself with free paint. (Words)

This is one of the realest statements ever. And exactly why we should never ever EVER be afraid of the “1%.” I’ve heard the discouraging thoughts like.. “oh we can’t do this or do that because the elite, the people in power, the 1%. But mannnnn… THEY SHOULD BE AFRAID OF US. In fact, they ARE afraid of us. This is why they have to pour millions upon billions of dollars into controlling the media and therefore our thoughts. You know what makes the 1% scared shitless?.. a conscious man with a good heart. You know what makes them even more scared shitless?… 99% of the population being united solely off the basis that we have good hearts. I’m telling you man, we are the strongest, most powerful beings in the universe (well beside divine figures). We dont need tons of money, we don’t need to manipulate people via the media. But oh boy they need it. Like literally, without those they would be all the way screwed. Their way of life could not continue without it. The 99% of people with good hearts… we have true power. Because we don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money … we don’t need to resort to manipulation… in order to maintain our of way of life. A conscious man with a good heart… that’s power.

BELIEVE you are powerful. Because you are.


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