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Well shit

Soooo I have a feeling Ashia saw that last blog post. And now i feel bad because i bet it made her insecure. But those chicks at Karinas don't mean nothing to me ya know. Like I spend my time with Ashia, I think about a future with Ashia. Not any of dem. So yah, I feel super bad. I want to empower her, to enconfident (not a word but should be) her. The point is, I wanna make her feel confident!! She's so frickin smart. And I swear the first time I saw her... I was like wholly balls she is BEAUTIFUL. But then I had to get back to work... but man, the whole time I was working, I was thinking about that beautiful girl I saw earlier. Then after work, I was just hoping I would see her again. Man I'm telling ya. There was a different kind of attraction, one where ur literally pulled towards the person by some magnetic force. Ashia was just absolutely indescribably fuckin beautiful that night... its hard to describe. Then somehow we got off work at the same time, probably sometime around 10 o clock at night... and idk what happened, idk how it happened, but i ended up hanging out with her in her car. And just sitting there next to the girl I had been thinking about the whole shift... man i got so nervous for a second. Like, I just couldn't believe I was sitting next to a girl so hot! swear to Jah, it was unreal. My nerves went away somehow... and there was a feeling of comfort. Like she made me not feel afraid. Which I liked. I loved. and I'm so happy to be with her right now. We have our little family with Kiwi and Mango, and we're paying rent n shit. Real adult stuff! I gotta go to sleep now, cause we work out in the mornings before work. It's one of the ways we bond sorta, and i really cherish that time we spend... jumping, running.. sweating... haha so romantic... but it's the shit. If Ashia is reading this.. lub u. If someone else is.. i lub her.

And I know, nobody likes to hear people talk about themselves.. which i sorta just did.. but that was on my chest. So yeah. I'll try to give ya some actual music related shit one day haha. Peace. <3

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