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Lil Casino - Hope You Get Rich
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Welcome to the official website of Lil Casino! 

Let's grow together!


San Diego, CA, United States 


"lil casino, just a quick note to let you know your music is touching hearts, minds and souls. A couple times a year I make a mixed CD for my sister in Portland. The last one I made I put your song Relaxxx on it. I just recently went up there to spend time with them. My sister and her partner in their forties and my nephews 15 and 20 years old. Your song came on while we were driving around. They all burst into song. They knew every word. On top of that, some of your phrases have made it into our everyday jargon. It made me so happy. Just wanted you to know that."

(On Hope You Get Rich) "This song is BIG!!!! The chorus is catchy and the flow is on some original Kanye West Backpack shit! Feel good jam for the summer!"

(On Uber Dat) "Another catchy chorus! You're a good story teller and I like that you are just being yourself."

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