I'm just gonna start by addressing my last blog. And I still stand by what I said.. sorta. Basically I read further into the agreements and they do allow people to stream it, you can make a video, etc etc. So all that is okay.

However, I found another thing that basically says these producers are getting 100% of the publishing rights. Its pretty confusing, the rights thing, so I don't wanna bore or confuse you. But pretty much... 100% publishing rights to the producer is bullshit. It should be 50/50. They put it a lot of work to do make the beat... absolutely. I put it a lot of work writing the lyrics, mixing and mastering it... so 50/50 is clearly the fair rights distribution for anyone with half a brain cell. (Yes I changed that cliche a bit, I like neurons)

ANYWAYS.. I'm not here to bitch. I'm actually super grateful to have the freedom to express myself. And half the time, the reason I do this music stuff, is cause I don't know what else to do! Its something that I've seen a lot of progress in and I'll never forget the first time I heard myself on a track while driving on the freeway. I was with my buddy Adam and it was cathartic, euphoric... something that words can't really describe. But it was so cool.

So I'm basically a drug addict. haha. Trying to get to that original high. jkjk, sorta. lol

Speaking of, even though its a plant, I actually don't blaze anymore which for many people that knew me in college... probably find that impossible. But its true! I'm on a much more productive vibe and its fun. Plus I've been in relationships (romantic and friendly) that have been based solely on weed and I want my relationships to be based on actual love that's all.

But honestly, if you wanna credit anyone for the factory of songs I've been able to produce, just thank Ashia. I didn't have a very good flow of thoughts until I met her. So I'm truly blessed to have crossed paths with Ashia Babcock.. my future wife.

DANG, thats wild to say... but its true!

And with everything calming down with the VID... I'm stoked. I've been memorizing my songs and ready to start performing again. I got a bunch of new songs, and theres just nothing better than doing my music live. I mean... music isn't just a recording art... its a performingggg art too! Welp... have a good weekend. Time for breakfast. =)

Thats right. I call bullshit.

Whenever I buy a beat online, I sign an agreement for rights to it. Just to spare you, I'm gonna tell you right now that's its confusing as shit. But hey, some rights are better than no rights.

(exclusive rights vs non exclusive rights.. what I get = Exclusive means no one else can use the beat, Non-exclusive, anyone can use it) and the difference in price is huge. I get the beats for 30 bucks, exclusive rights can range from 200 to fuckin a millions bucks if they wanted to negotiate that. (even though I doubt someone would pay that much)

the part that really irks me tho; is that "non profit" part in all of em. Now I'm not gonna go too into detail, but I'm just gonna tell you what it feels like. It feels like control. They (producers) want control. Everyone in the music industry does, so I don't blame em.

But producers, you gotta understand there are certain things that are out of control of the artist and the producer. Like the amount of times a song gets streamed. If I'm distributing the song, and it gets streamed a millions times, that money (mind you it still isn't that much) goes directly into my account. That's out of my control.

Now you've been credited. On all the songs I distribute. So if you were smart, you would just hit me up after I've started profiting (after $30 for what I paid for the beat)... and split the funds with me. Win-win. But instead each producer will say the beats can be used, for promotional rights only, not for profit. Which in essence is like firing the first shot. My initial knee-jerk reaction is, SUE ME.

But going back, if you just think logically, its not up to you or me whether or not a profit is made. Its up to the listeners; the people. So although it's bullshit, for you to write an agreement that says I can't make profit; I'm just gonna request and suggest, you figure out who is making profit... and make sure to collect half your royalties.

That makes sense to me.

But my guess is you're not gonna do all that work; cuz you know how hard it is to make $30 on streaming services. It takes a lot a lot of streams just for that. So if you don't collect your half, it's not my fault you didn't do your job.

Yeah, if you need relationship advice, don't ask me for it.

I'm still trying to figure out how to communicate effectively and healthy with a romantic partner. Sometimes my tone isn't right... And rather than a normal conversation, a full on battle ensues. My biggest thing is its not what you say its how you say it. And I gotta say things with a calmer, not negative tone. I've heard this thing about making "I" statements instead of "You" statements. Because then you're actually sharing how you feel rather than saying a "you" statement which puts the other person immediately on the defensive. For example, "you always do this, you do that." Also, I gotta not ask "why" so much. "Why do you..." automatically sounds judgmental. So maybe saying something else. Idk. Like I said, I aint got the answers. I just know I got a lot of work to do myself, therefore, dont ask me for advice in that area. I have no ideaaaa.