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Finding music has changed many lives. We all have that record we discovered as a kid, or sometimes later in life, that put us on the path we were meant to be on. An open ear and mind is all that is needed. Lil Casino found that record too and it has been the motivation for him to create his own brand of music.


The artist based in San Diego, California brings back a lyrical rap style that has become his calling card. It all began for Lil Casino when he was in 7th grade and bought his first G-Unit CD. This was during a difficult time in his life. A fresh face in a new town, he needed something to hold on to. Hip hop music was his answer.

Lil Casino worked on his freestyle game as he approached his college graduation. During that time he started heading to the studio to record some songs. The hip hop bug caught him bad and the songs just began pouring out. At this point, Lil Casino has recorded over 100 songs to feed his passion.

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