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Ur looking for the secrets to life. Cause I don't have the answers. Hella questions, but no answers. And when I say i do science... if you think.. ohhhhh hot shot huh? Must think you're smart huh? Yeah, no. If I was actuallyyy smart, I would have made some discovery that allowed me retire by now. I would have won the Nobel Prize or something. If I was actuallyyyy smart... I wouldn't be working for someone.

I mean think about the idea of working for someone... that alone sounds awfully dumb. Granted, that is the world we live in and what a majority of us must do to get by.. so its cool its cool. But on a certain level, the idea of committing a third of your life to someone elsesss cause is wild. 8 hours a day.. that is the MAXIMUM ill work for someone. The other hours in the day are mine. And the time I spend catching z's, getting my beauty sleep... are mine. Got off track for a sec. Anywaysss...

Yeah sure, I'd say I'm above average intelligence (just for the sake of being confident)... but I don't think I'm smart and better than people sorta thing; tha fuqqq. Honestly, science research is the most relaxing work I've done that will actually pay me. So yeah. Plus I was trained to do it in college so.. I might as well use my degree. As a matter of FACTS.. I'm blessed to have finally found a lab that accepts my personality really. I know i can be a little much.. a little too hot to handle.. so I'm super thankful actually.

And yeah, I'm not a perfect human by any means. So don't come to this blog thinking.. this guy has THE ANSWERS... shit if I did.. I'd be in the Bahamas gettin fed grapes by some coconut bra'd baddies. If I did, I wouldn't be saying stupid shit like I JUSTTtTTtT said... that will get me in trouble with Ashia. Ya know, the point is.. I have my moments of stupidity.. and my moments of brilliance. My true friends know that.

I like to write, and as my thoughts flow onto the screen, I hope I'll be able to share some good ones of course.. but I may also share some stuff you should just disregard completely. Some stuff you should respond in your head with.. "what the heck is he talking abouttt????"

Now that's a disclaimer!

As far as Musica goes... I'm working on a song now. Basically on my drives to & from work (and during breaks)... i'll listen to the beat and try to think of lyrics. It's gonna be a collaboration with this beat maker who posts stuff to Youtube... OBM Beats (not like that means anything to you).. but hey figured id let u know who I'm working with anyways for this (fingers crossed) banger. Normally they charge 30 or so bucks for beats.. for "promotional purposes only" but if i ever wanted to make "profit" (I guess) I would need "exclusive rights." It honestly feels like a bunch of b.s. to charge thousands of dollars for a beat. Either way, I'll get the promotional rights... and if it ever gets more popular than expected... i'll cross that bridge when i get there, maybe get exclusive rights at that point... idk. I'm just winging it. Either way, Its gonna be a turn up style song. It's either a hit or miss with those. I do have oneee really good one (that hasn't been released), but I'd like another one.

Peace peace.


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