Ever wonder how songs get on the radio? Short answer… $

Updated: Aug 18

Someone emailed me, asking if I wanted to be on their Hip Hop and Rap playlist. And because I’m so fed up with payola.. pay to play (pay money to get your song played)… I sent him a long response back. Check it out:

Hey Oliver,

I’m obviously down to get on your playlist! Buttt I’m not down for payola. You know many many years ago, the only way for an artist to get on the radio was to pay the dj to play them. So there were artists with amazing songs out there.. but they couldn’t pay the djs more money than other artists. Guess who got heard? The ones that paid! But is that fair? That radio play was based on who had the most money rather than based on the quality of the music?

I don’t think it’s fair. Neither did a lot of other people. So they made Payola illegal. Yet here we are. And Payola still exists! In Radio, in Spotify, literally everywhere