Let’s talk love, fear, and the 7 sins, or just skip to the reference video at the end =)

To start, I hope you feel loved today.

After watching the movie “Shazam!” last night, I’ve decided to study the seven deadly sins today. (Real quick) If you’ve havent seen the movie, basically theres a bad guy with monster buddies who all represent one of the sins. I found a wonderfully worded (so much so that i couldn’t help but use its wording directly at times) YouTube video on the topic of the 7 deadly sins, and below is my interpretation of the ideas it talked about. I don’t claim to be a preacher even if I get that way unintentionally. But my hope in writing this was to help my personal comprehension of the ideas I ran into.

In online life and in our social life, we sometimes berate others (often unknowingly) when we observe these human behaviors believing what we are doing is for the greater good. However, if we were to just form better understanding of these behaviors, it would be more pr