Music is fun, Business is tricky.. lets dream tho

Getting the business side of Lil Casino is a littleee tricky to establish. There's so many things that go into it and its just complicated. For my sake, and for anyone else in music, I'm gonna try to simplify it as much as possible.

Now as someone who needs to pay rent, I've gotta find a way to fund my music with whatever extra money I have. And that's not much. So truly, the only way to do anything dope af is to have somme sort of sponsorship or investor. But investors want to get their money back and some! So figuring out how to profit is the goal.

The three most clear ways to profit are via streaming, merchandise, and shows. There's tons of other ways but these are the most basic. Streams are tough tho, because to make anythingggg, you really have to be superstar status. So that brings us to merchandise and shows. Now that I could do. Other things like sync licenses where your song gets in movies and video games would also be pretty awesome and profitable. Then even